Ministerio de Transportes, Movilidad y Agenda Urbana

05. Getting trained and joining CIAIAC

Does CIAIAC offer training in accident investigation?

CIAIAC doesn’t offer any training in accident investigation to people outside the Commission staff, although it participates in some external training initiatives through public universities.

How I can be part of the CIAIAC staff?

CIAIAC investigators are civil servants of the State General Administration belonging to the body of Aeronautical Engineers and Technical Aeronautical Engineers, so to qualify for a place in CIAIAC it should be held, first, the condition of Aeronautical Engineer or Technical Aeronautical Engineer, be civil servant official of the State General Administration and opt for one of the places that may be vacancies in the CIAIAC or have been presented in public jobs offers that are published periodically.

Additionally, CIAIAC incorporates into its investigators staff other professionals such as pilots, mechanics, controllers, aviation psychologists, etc, which are incorporated into investigation through contracts subscribed with other organizations.